Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sea Fishing Tackle: Shakespeare Salt Extreme Bass Fishing Rod Review

Although I do enjoy freshwater fishing, sea fishing is my true passion. As a Briton, I have an almost mystical regard for the sea and for the myriad creatures that inhabit it. Frankly, I can think of nothing better than casting a line into the sea and waiting patiently for a strike. Then the battle begins! I have a particular fondness for bass, so when a fish takes my lure, I'm always hoping it's one of these wily and agile fighters. When I'm out for bass in salt water, I'm certain to take my most durable sea fishing tackle. One piece of gear I reach for often is my Shakespeare Salt Extreme bass fishing rod. Here's why I like it so much.

Key Features of the Shakespeare Salt Extreme Bass Fishing Rod

The Salt Extreme is a relatively new addition to the Shakespeare product line. It's skilfully designed to handle a wide variety of bass fishing locales and conditions just about anywhere in the UK. I particularly like that the Salt Extreme is made from a durable carbon blank with a slim and elegant profile. It's quite versatile as well, being rung to take either a multiplier or fixed spool reel. Another thing I appreciate is that the rod has an optimal combination of a medium fast taper action with plenty of stiffness in the butt. Whether I'm fishing in an estuary or in the sea itself, this rod is always equal to the task, and has few problems with rough ground.

More About the Shakespeare Salt Extreme Bass Fishing Rod

Fitted with quality Fuji guides, this rod also has spigot joints that make for a secure fit. Another key feature is the butt gimbal that allows me to use a rod bucket when fighting larger fish. The Salt Extreme has a fast action as well as a glazed tip. To protect the rod, it comes with a protective blue X wrap shrink tube. But don't just take my word for the quality of this rod: Know that it was designed in conjunction with Mike Thrussel, a renowned and highly respected sea fishing consultant and journalist. Like all Shakespeare products, the Salt Extreme has undergone rigorous testing to verify both quality and performance. All these features converge in what I consider to be a best in class piece of tackle for sea fishing anglers:

Final Thoughts on the Salt Extreme Bass Rod

For me, the most important features of a quality bass rod are torque resistance and balance. This Shakespeare rod doesn't disappoint in either regard. The rod's length suits it perfectly not only for bass but also for pollack, bream, plaice and dabs. This truly is an excellent all-around rod that sells for a very competitive price, about ?75.99, including VAT and shipping.

For anglers like me who appreciate quality sea fishing tackle, the Shakespeare Salt Extreme bass fishing rod is an excellent choice. My rating? 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

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