Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peacock Bass Fishing Tips - Challenging and Addictive Sport

If you haven't tried peacock bass fishing before, you should! It's considered as one of the most difficult, and challenging experiences reported by even some of the most experienced of bass fishermen. Read some tips on how to approach peacock bass fishing here.

Not understood by many, peacock bass fishing truly tests your ability to cast, retrieve as well as boost skills related to bass fishing. Their ability to fight and be extremely aggressive can even put the most skilled fishermen to shame. So, if you're thinking of organizing your next fishing trips for this special breed, here are some simple tips that can get you ready.

Where to look?

The reason why it is not so poplar yet is because they can only be found in South and Central America only. One of the most popular spots for this is The Amazon Basin down the Amazon River. There are popular establishments such as the Araca Camp in Brazil that is specifically built for peacock bass fishing, surrounded by the astounding Araca Mountains, it makes a great vacation spot as well for family trips.

Bass fishing tackle

When choosing for tour equipment, you have to take into consideration the aggressiveness of these fish. You'll need stronger rods to withstand their strength without snapping your rod. Look for a high modular graphite rod at the weight of about 10 to 11, and about 8 feet long. You'll also need to have larger flies that are wind resistant. Underwater obstruction can be commonly found in this region, therefore make sure your flies can handle the pressure.

Generally they can weigh 20 pounds or more, it make perfect sense to use the correct lines and reels. Consider using topwater lures when fishing for them, peacock bass usually feed all time of the day and therefore you do not have to worry about feeding pattern. Almost all lures can be used to fish a peacock bass, it's more important that you know how to work the lure in this instance.

Peacock bass fishing is challenging as well as rewarding because of the difficulty, better yet your trip will be down to the Amazon River, which will make it more memorable due to the amazing and exotic location.

Bass fishing is more than just mere luck, this challenging and addictive recreational sports is now enjoyed by more and more people! Get started today if your new, or further refine your bass fishing skills to appreciate this sport more.

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