Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Great Bass Fishing Tips

1. Keep Your Engine Looking New

You should see the stares I get when I pull out of the water. Oh no, it's not the engine or the boat that people stare at, it's me wiping down the engine.

By doing this to your engine with a dry cloth while it's still wet you can eliminate embarrassing exhaust and water marks before they dry up and become hard to remove. Not only does it save you time cleaning it at home with chemicals, which could harm your engines outer shell, it also helps keep it looking brand new.

Whether you have a small, medium, large or a high performance engine on your boat why not keep it looking new!

2. Prevent Rust

Tackle now a days doesn't come cheap so why let rust ruin your investment. The trick to stopping rust from forming is letting the lure or hook dry on its own before storing it back into its rightful place. Rust spreads from one hook to the other if stored damp and when its time for your next outing, well you know!

When changing up tackle I keep a dry little plastic container in my tackle storage compartment in the boat. I drop the tackle in the container so that it has plenty of time to dry. At the end of the day I sort through them all making sure that they are all dry before putting them back in their rightful place.

It may sound tedious to some, but when you consider a good quality hook costs a dollar and up then why would you put damp tackle in with the dry tackle letting rust spread like the plague!

3. Catch More Than One Bass

When you notice a Bass quickly swimming off with your bait chances are there is more than one! I strongly believe that when competing for food Bass will take the bait and swim away with it in one quick motion when schooled together! Keep working the same area....what can it hurt! I have been rewarded time and time again!

4. Go Deep During Cold Fronts

During Tournaments I have been confronted many times by cold fronts and believe you me it can be frustrating! One thing that I have learned through the years is that when cold fronts come in I go deep!

The reason we do better in deeper water during cold fronts, in my opinion, is that the Bass down deep aren't as susceptible to the sudden climate change as the shallow Bass are. The only thing dictating what depth to fish is the wind. When a strong wind is a part of the front then I go even deeper simply because deeper water will 'turn' later than shallow water.

We don't have a crystal ball to see the Bass fishing future, but at the very least we can try something that has worked in past outings!

5. Clear Water Blues

Clear water calls for different; well you might say unorthodox methods of catching weary Bass. Hey, if you can see them in the clear water amongst the weeds then they can surely see you!

Now remember, you see them so, the good thing is you know darn well they are there! So what I do is cast or flip my bait, combined with a fluorocarbon leader, a good far distance from the boat and let it hit the water with the loudest splash I can muster. Stealth, in this case, is irrelevant. Think about it...if the Bass are in there and not spooked by natural noises such as Cray fish, wounded bait fish, dropped minnows from fighting gulls or just a frog, they will come and see what made the ruckus. Better yet, if the bait just happens to land in the Bass's line of view, it will smack it thinking that it's just Mother Nature in the vicinity and not a Bass Boat!

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