Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Bitten by the Bass Fishing Bug? A Basic Equipment List

Bass fishing for many begins the first time they get that hit and proceeds from there to become a lifelong avocation. If you have just discovered bass fishing then it's time to start accumulating your bass fishing tackle. Over the course of your bass fishing lifetime you will probably have many rods and reels, literally hundreds of lures and a wide variety of storage boxes. However, the first gear you buy need not be expensive or abundant as long as it suits the needs of a novice bass angler.

Rods. As you become more experienced you may find that you want several rods of varying lengths and made out of different materials. A good first rod for a neophyte fisherman is generally five and a half to six feet long and made of graphite, fiberglass or a graphite/fiberglass blend. Longer rods may give more reach in casting but they also require more nuance. Look for a balanced, medium weight rod. As the term implies, that is a rod which has its weight evenly distributed from end to end.

Reels. Once you have chosen your rod, select a complimentary reel. Consider a rod and reel combo package. Many beginning fishermen shy from this simple answer to tackle selection; after all, buying stuff is half the fun. Still purchasing an inexpensive rod and reel bundle allows you to get the feel for bass fishing gear before making a large investment. If you have decided to make separate purchases, check out the spincast reels. They have fewer line tangle problems and provide smooth casting and retrieval. Most also allow for a wide variance in lines and lures.

Lines. Most rod and reels will recommend the line weights that harmonize well with them. In general, a 10# line will hold up well in the vast number of situations you'll encounter. As you become a more sophisticated angler you will learn the many factors that go into proper line selection. Strength, resistance to breaking, stretch, diameter, even color are all important in making more sophisticated line choices. Don't worry about those now though; just buy a high quality line.

Lures. Choosing the right lure for the right area and the right bass is key to successful bass fishing. If you are going with experienced fishermen or with a guide, they will be your best resource for information on what lure or bait to pack. The number one bait out there though is the humble worm. Stock up on these in a variety of colors and pick up a few inexpensive spinnerbaits.

Tackle boxes. Here again many new fishermen go for the fully featured models, the more drawers and trays the better. Quite often though the more places you have to put things the more ways you have to lose them. Start out with a simple tackle box with a large open bottom and a few small trays.

Now you're ready for the most fun of all: Bass fishing. Hit the water, be safe and good luck.

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