Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sea Fishing Tackle Reviews: Daiwa Supercast 11'6" Bass Rod

I always find it quite thrilling to stand on a craggy, windswept beach, ready to cast my line into the surf. As a bass fisherman, I know all too well the need for the right sea fishing tackle under what can be challenging angling conditions. Choice of rod is particularly important to me. Lately, I've been partial to a nifty rod from Daiwa, the Supercast Bass 11'6". Here's some information about this nearly perfect rod.

About the Daiwa Supercast 11'6" Bass Rod

The designers and engineers at Daiwa got it right with this rod. The Supercast Bass rod features an extremely powerful butt section and a blended glass tip for extreme responsiveness and sensitivity. Remember, though, that this is a rod for light shore and estuary fishing. If you're out for big or powerful fish, it might be best to choose another Daiwa model. The Supercast is constructed from high-grade carbon fibre, a material that gives the angler many advantages. For example, using a carbon fibre rod gives you much greater control over where to place your bait. The superior stiffness of these types of rods allows for smooth and accurate casts. Carbon fibre rods are much stronger than other types, which means that the rod will be more resistant to stress and damage, a fact you're sure to appreciate when fighting a large or strong fish. In many cases, carbon fibre can be stronger than reinforced materials or even metal.

Features of the Daiwa Supercast 11'6" Bass Rod

Another thing I like about this Daiwa rod is the compound taper tip, a unique design from Daiwa that is both strong and responsive. With split Duplon grips and a quality winch fitting for multiplier or fixed spool reels, this rod has it all. The guides are shock ring protected and made from durable, corrosion resistant aluminium oxide. I often choose this rod for extended fishing sessions or fishing in bad weather because it has a neutral balance that makes it quite comfortable to hold for long periods without much hand or muscle fatigue. The tip responds correctly and has ample power for casting against a strong wind. The rod is designed to cast a weight of 2 to 4 ounces and has a maximum casting range of about 200 yards.

More about the Daiwa Supercast 11'6" Bass Rod

Another reason I like this rod is its versatility. Whether you're standing on clean sand or on mixed ground, the rod is more than equal to fast running tides. This rod is made in the UK, another fact I appreciate. Part of the Supercast 7-member product line, the 11'6" rod uses unique blank shapes that produce an amazing blend of performance and balance. The powerful and strong butt is made from multi-ply, high-grade carbon. The rod's amazingly fast recovery comes from its unique compound taper. The result? Deadly accurate casts!

For a great, all-around piece of sea fishing tackle, I highly recommend the Daiwa Supercast 11'6" bass rod.

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