Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bass Fishing - What? No Bow Fishing This Trip?

We where all ready for our bass fishing trip. We loaded up the tackle box with are favorite top water jigs, spoons, shiners, real bait, power bait etc. etc. Nothing was left out for are fishing adventure down the bayou to catch some nice large-mouth bass.

Then the three children started to plead and beg to load up there bow fishing bows into the fishing boat the night before. What dad can say no to their own children when it comes to the great outdoors and wanting to shoot there bows to polish up on the archery skills they have learned thus far.

Let me set the story strait. The wife (aka the misses) of the house doesn't bow fish. So are day was planned for a great bass fishing adventure and everyone was suppose to fish with there rod and reels. We loaded up the boat with the fishing poles and yes, the bow fishing gear was hidden below in the compartment so the woman of the house wouldn't see them. I didn't want to ruin her day or the kids.  That way I can have my cake and eat it too while fishing.

The morning started off pretty well for a family fishing trip. With are fishing boat already overloaded with gear. It gets a little smaller with five people trying to fish from a sixteen foot Jon boat. We made it to are favorite fishing hole by first light and realized the challenges ahead of us within moments. Are favorite bass fishing spot was over grown with grass and lilies. Now usually, this makes for a great combination of bass near the tree line where it's shaded but we where so overwhelmed by the over growth that it made it very difficult for the kids to cast and jig back to the boat. Almost every cast was either fouled up or caught in the grass.

By late morning we had a half a dozen bass in the boat. Now if your familiar with Louisiana and southern humidity you can understand why the kids wanted there bow fishing bows. The water is to dangerous to take a quick dip to cool down in with all of the snakes and alligators in the water. They started the usual complaining and wanted to get the boat moving to cool down. With the fish not biting as well in the heat the of the day the alligator gar started to splash around. My wife wasn't to happy at the moment. Bass fish generally aren't around when the gar fish are active.  Six bass around 2 to 3lbs  or was it 4 to 5lbs. Anyway we had caught  enough for dinner and the misses was getting the urge to get moving towards the dock. Lunch was approaching plus we where so hot and miserable with the complaining kids.

The misses agreed to bow fishing are way back to the dock. The three kids lit up with grins on there faces with moms suggestion to hunt the way back. The kids wet there bow fishing lines to prevent any line miss happenings and we where on the hunt. The kids practice on a rag target all the time at the house but, it is not the same thing shooting at a moving target or even off of a moving platform.  The kids landed a couple of smaller alligator gar and a few channel cat fish. Everyone was happy with there day spent outside fishing.

Now when I say, "never take your bow fishing bow". What I really mean is, "have your bow fishing bows in your boat at all times". You never know when the fish stop biting and you can still land a prehistoric monster or gar.  Load up your freezer with meat. Now there not the best fish to eat but the Cajuns have a nice gar fish ball recipe to make the fish more palatable.

We finished are evening with some blackened bass for supper. We cooked are meal outside with are camping stove and enjoyed  are meal outdoors with a nice sunset. The fruits of are adventure never tasted so sweet.

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