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The Great Variety of Available Fishing Tackle Lures

Those that are new to fishing might walk into a sporting goods store and become completely overwhelmed at the amazing variety of fishing tackle lures for sale. Then again, even those that have been fishing their whole life may still be shocked at the different kinds of fishing lures available. Yes, there is a tremendous amount of lures on the market and it can be a little difficult to select the right ones for your needs.

The key here is to match the proper lure for the type of fish you are seeking while taking consideration the time of the season and the particular environment the fish may be in. Does that seem like a lot to be aware of?

Let's start with looking at the different types of fishing lures available....

Spinners: Spinners are lures that are reeled in and have a component to it that spins in circular manner. The purpose of this is to agitate the nearby fish to attack the lure. It can be considered a self-defense attack as opposed to hitting the lure in search of food. This may seem surprising to some because most people assume fishing lures are designed to mimic food. That is not accurate. Many fishing tackle lures are intended to mimic threats and fish will attack a potential threat to eggs or territory.

Poppers: Poppers are top water lures that pop against the surface. It is intended to mimic an injured bait fish. The injured fish make prime "dinner" bait for a fish. Fishing tackle lures need to be effective and poppers are among the most effective lures on the market bar none.

Plastic Baits: These are basically a fake version of a nightcrawler, a frog, an minnow, or other types of live bait. Plastic baits generally need to have action on them in terms of how they are reeled in because they will need to also mimic the actual movement of the live bait if it where, in fact, live. A credible argument claim can be made to state that these fishing lures are the most popular and effective.

Jigs: Jigs employ a lead head connected to a plastic body. The can be used to sink to the bottom of the water, bounced on the floor, and raised up to the surface. Needless to say, this can attract the attention of a lot of different fish. Fishing tackle lures of this nature can be employed for a lot of different fish.

Spoons: These are among the most versatile of fishing lures and they are designed to mimic a baitfish that has suffered an injury and is distressed. Of course, large fish may attack such a lure.

The five examples listed herein are only a small number of lures. There are scores of other lures on the market and they all can be employed in a variety of different ways. And yes, they can be employed to great success as evidence by the many different people that have used them to great success.

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Top Bass Lures to Include on Your Bass Fishing Trips

Having the right bass lure can have a great impact on your success fishing; as a matter of fact it can be the difference between a lousy fishing day and a great day! If you are planning a bass fishing trip, don't forget to include these lures in your fishing tackle:

Spinnerbait. These are lures that serve for a variety of purposes, be sure to include different colors depending on the lake you are fishing. Spinnerbaits are great to fish in any speed or depth as they are very attractive for bass.

Plastic worms. This classic bass lure is also the most effective and that's why it has stood the test of time! Plastic worms can be found in different sizes and colors. It is always good to include a good variety of these worms in your tackle box if you want to catch big bass, you can even try different shapes! You can use them also in different situations b adding weight to the worm and manipulating it to lure the bass.

Crankbaits. These are also classic lures that can't be missing in a bass fishing trip, the main feature of these lures is that they look like little fish, and in the eyes f big fish, they look very succulent!

Swimbait. These lures have the appearance of a minnow or other fish. They are highly used by anglers who love trophy bass fishing since they are great attracting big fish.

Bass jig. These lures are my personal choice for fishing around ledges and rock piles and they work extremely well. Like other lures, they are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is a good idea to have an assortment of them.

With these bass lures in your tackle box, you will be prepared for your trip and ready to catch all the great bass in the lake!

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