Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Antique Fishing Lures For Bass Fishing Enthusiasts

As you become an avid fisherman and even in the early stages, there is one type of fishing that is sometimes even more rewarding than catching the large mouth bass itself. By this I mean  "fishing " for the ever elusive antique bass lure. This is an art among itself.

If you ever wanted to be a treasure hunter and a fisherman, looking and searching for antique lures can be a most rewarding experience. Lures have been used for many, many years and the availability of antique lures is becoming scarcer and harder to find. Fishing as a hobby is one that is enjoyed by various people, searching and collecting antique fishing lures can be enjoyed by both the fisherman and his family, son or daughter.

New fishing lures are developed to be the state of the art and "new" technology, one must keep in mind that in days of old, there were only the lures of the day, and believe it or not, Large mouth Bass were caught even then without all of the new gadgetry.

The new era fishing lures are designed and developed to be sleek and take on a live bait appearance, the antique lures have a different look and feel all together. Even the materials that they are made out of are different in many aspects. While the new lures have a polymer design, many of the antique lures were made in a time before all of these new composite materials were even developed, therefore many are made of wood.

Over time, the wood will wear and the bright colors will fade and the enthusiast collector of antique lures will surely have a great find to come across a lure in perfect condition having never been deployed and still with the original wrappings.

Finding and buying on antique lure is challenging at best, nonetheless, that is the excitement of the hunt when you can locate an antique lure in places unexpected. There are many places to search for these antique lures, and once you become good at searching you will be the great fisherman in both bass fishing and catching the elusive antique lure.

Some of the best places to search in an easy way, is on line in auctions. Besides the standard auctions that we are most aware of on the Internet, there are local auction houses in your neighborhood that may have the occasional fishing tackle up for grabs.

Don't be surprised if there are others in the water looking for the same treasure as you, so be prepared to go up against the best of fisherman who have been at this for years.

Antique fishing lures tell a story and many collectors have had their lures passed down in the family for generations and were there to see and tell the story of their grandfather using a particular lure to catch the "big one" when they were just a child.

There is a personal attachment to these lures and if you have someone you know that may be a little older and was at one time an avid fisherman, you may just want to ask them if they still have their old equipment, you just might be surprised if you listen to the old fishing stories, that you may be rewarded for your attentive listening ear and valuable time by giving an "old timer" a chance to reminisce about the "good ol' days, and find yourself walking away with a relic to call your own.

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