Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bass Fishing Scale Broke!

Bass fishing scale broke and had no way of weighing this monster of a bass.Need help estimating this largemouth bass weight.

Large Mouth Bass Caught On White Terminator Spinnerbait

You gotta love this story!I went fishing on a day that,I could not find a fishing partner.Go Figure!Who does'nt want to fish?Any how,I had to take a picture of this 7lbs. 4 oz. Large Mouth Bass without a picture taker.I was using a White Terminator Spinnerbait.It was really nice outside about 85 degrees,sunny and the water clarity was clear.

Bass Fishing At Sharon Harris

Well,I'm at it again with new images of "Bass Fishing Sharon Harris".I've been working on bringing you more pictures just for your satisfaction so you can get a good idea how good of time it's been since are last fishing trip.