Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mexico Bass Fishing in Lake Guerrero

Lake Guerrero is a man-made lake that is among the hottest bass fishing spots in Mexico. This lake was first stocked more than 18 years ago with Florida bass, and from time to time it gets re-stocked to keep the lake alive.

Guerrero is a lake that gained international renowned thanks to the high number of trophy-class largemouth bass caught in it. Large bass live in there, and the vast amount of flooded timber makes this lake a true paradise for anglers. Even after all these years since it was first stocked, it continues to produce record-class bass each and every year. Many anglers leave with stories of catching up to 100 bass a day!

One thing you must know about fishing in this lake, is that Lake Guerrero's bass are aggressive, so you'll need to bring good quality equipment, resistant to these fishing conditions. There are a variety of lures that work well, but guides in the area always recommend you to use lizards as bait, as the bass are used to them.

Lake Guerrero is great lake to fish throughout the year; however, the best season for taking a trip must be between October and June, where there are better temperatures and rain is not so common. During peak fishing conditions you'll find a lot of bass will congregate around old tree stumps. You'll have a great time finding the "sweet spots" on the 97,000 acres area of the lake.

There are different resorts offering you top-of-the-line accommodations in this lake. For the convenience of tourists, most of these lodges and resorts pick up their guests at Harlingen, Texas and bring them to the hotel via the highway on comfortable vans. Over the last decades, bass fishing lodges and resorts have invested money in bringing the best to their guests.

If you are currently planning a trip to Lake Guerrero, be sure to book with anticipation. Peak seasons are always booked well in advance, especially since Mexico has started to become one of the best countries for fishing in the World.

Lee Berke invites you to learn more about Mexico bass fishing, along with the best information on making the most out of your trip. Mexico fishing locations are varied and offer a paradise for all anglers!

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