Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fishing Tips For Bass - Bass Fishing Basics

There is not a fisherman out there who is not interested in learning more fishing tips for bass.  Bass are the most sought after game fish in North America.  They taste great and fight like there is no tomorrow.   But they can be a bit tougher to land than other fish.  The following fishing tips for bass should help you land more fish.

Use the proper tackle.  You don't want to use tackle that is too light, or too heavy.  A good medium - medium heavy action rod and a good reel with at least 3 ball bearings should serve you well.  Don't go with poor quality tackle or you will lose fish.  But you do not have to overspend either as much of the tackle out there is overpriced name brand stuff. 

Bass love structure.  This is the 2ND biggest of the fishing tips for bass.  Look for structure where bass can hide.  Rocks, underwater channels and ledges, and fallen timber provide areas where bass can lie in wait for their prey.

Live bait should be live.  If you are fishing with live bait, check every now and then to ensure that it is still alive.  Bass are not too fond of dead bait.  Catfish however, are very fond of dead bait if you do not mind catching a catfish.

Use proper lure color.  If the water is clear and it is bright outside, use a shiny, flashy lure.  If the water is off color or the sky is gray or dark, use a bright color like chartreuse or orange.  If fishing at night, use a black or dark colored bait.

Let the fish tire themselves out.  When reeling in your catch, let the fish do all the work.  The harder you fight the fish, the harder they will fight back.  Once they tire, it will be easier to get them in the boat.

Remember to practice catch and release.  Sure it is okay to keep a few bass every now and then.  But as a responsible angler remember to properly release bass as often as possible.  If the bass is particularly large, weigh it and take some pictures and then either donate to the ShareALunker program or release back into the water where you caught it.

And don't ever forget that taking someone you love fishing is the absolute biggest of fishing tips for bass.  Go bass fishing today with someone you love and build memories that will last a lifetime.

I trust these fishing tips for bass will help you get started in the sport of bass fishing. My father taught me how to fish when I was young and it is one of my favorite things to do. Just being outdoors and away from it all can really revive the soul. You can learn more tips for bass fishing by clicking the link for more info. Now Go Fish!

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