Thursday, December 23, 2010

You Need the Best Bass Fishing Tackle - Just Like the Pros

Have you ever watched those cable TV programs that feature the bass pro fisherman? I do -- I watch them all the time -- I love them, in fact. Have you ever noticed how many of these guys are really into the latest bass fishing tackle items?

Yes, I know -- most people believe that these guys are not interested in doing anything more than selling stuff on TV. And I know that most of them probably receive some sort of compensation for their fishing tackle and equipment endorsements. And yet it's not all commercialization -- these guys have an acute interest in bass fishing tackle, and it's in your interest to ask why.

The answer may surprise you: the proper use of good-quality bass fishing tackle can make the difference between landing a big one or letting one get away. That's why these pro fisherman have tackle boxes stuffed to the gills (excuse the pun) with all sorts of tackle -- these guys actually USE this stuff!

The application to your own life as an angler should be obvious then: it would be well worth your time to learn about the different types of bass fishing tackle -- not only learn what's available, but more importantly how to distinguish the good stuff from the garbage.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I'll tell you how I find out which tackle is the best to use. I actually have two sources of information: my angling friends and fishing magazines. One of the things that I like to do from time to time when I am out fishing with my friends is to start a casual conversation about tackle -- I like to listen to their responses -- and in the course of the conversation I can learn a great deal from them about the lures and tackle that has worked, as well as the other stuff they have tried in the past that hasn't. Let me tell you, I've saved a lot of money not having to buy unnecessary or worthless bass fishing tackle down through the years -- just by taking my friends recommendations to heart.

I've found the worse thing that I can do is to make a tackle purchasing decision based on "window shopping" -- just buying something that seems to strike my fancy when I see it for the first time in the store. The problem with this kind of impulse buying is that you really don't know whether that item of fishing tackle really works.

That's where my fishing magazines come in: I read these magazines regularly -- and it isn't the ads that I pay attention to so much as it is the product reviews. I've learned to read these magazines with a highlighter in hand -- and when someone has written an article or product review that describes the performance of fishing tackle or equipment, I highlight all that stuff and mark the page for future reference. Now when I am in need of new bass fishing tackle, rods, reels, new line or anything else, I pull out those old issues and read over the reviews -- it's an honest, unbiased source of information. Again, I have saved a ton of money over the years by not having purchased unnecessary or crappy tackle.

So, when it's time to buy replacement tackle items, don't be foolish -- check with your friends, and check out the fishing mags and make an INTELLIGENT and INFORMED decision.

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