Friday, December 24, 2010

Top Mexico Bass Fishing Locations

One of the countries that is experiencing a huge surge in anglers over the last years is Mexico. The wonders you can find on the lakes located in the west coast of Mexico have been greatly promoted on Websites and specialized magazines, and nowadays is very easy to find top of the line accommodations and travel agencies offering this kind of bass fishing trip.

Mexico has a large number of lakes and man-made lakes which have been stocked with Florida largemouth bass. Bass has encountered the perfect place to thrive and grow big. If you love trophy bass fishing, then you need to have Mexico as one of the top destinations for this purpose. Here are the three top locations for bass fishing in Mexico.

Lake Baccarac. This lake has garnered a lot of publicity thanks to the amount of big fish you can catch. You like big, you like Baccarac! This lake has the official record for bass of 19.1 lbs a record which was registered in 1993. If you talk to experienced guides in the lake you'll hear plenty of stories of even bigger bass! Some of them event talk about big bass of about 24 lbs!

Lake Agua Milpa. This lake covers an area of 70,000 acres at full pool, a huge area to explore and find great bass. In this beautiful lake you'll be able to catch a lot of fish per day. Keep in mind that fish in this lake are aggressive and strong, so keep weak equipment at home and bring the necessary tools for the job. Agua Milpa is reached via Guadalajara in a 3 hour trip.

Lake Huites. This is my third choice on top lakes in Mexico, it covers an area of 30,000 acres and is surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains. It is a man-made lake stocked with Florida largemouth bass. 10 pounders are common in this lake, provided you have the expertise to catch them!

These are some of the finest Mexico fishing locations, however there are more lakes and every single one of them is great for the sport, check them out at Mexico bass fishing.

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