Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Mexico, Bass Fishing is a Fishing Experience

Mexico... a beautiful peninsula with forested mountainous terrain, rich culture, and lush, tropical beaches and climates. Who would guess that in Mexico bass fishing would be the reason behind making it a vacation destination?

While the country of Mexico doesn't have large lake systems, it does possess several lakes that offer some incredible bass fishing opportunities. Although the majority of the best bass fishing is located on the western coast, the eastern side of the Gulf of Mexico offers some pretty good competition.

Knowing where to drop your line is the key to the Mexico bass fishing experience. The major lakes that boast the fame of great bass fishing are Lake Comedero, Lake Mateos, Lake Huites, El Salto Lake, Agua Milpa, Lake Guerrero and Lake El Chuchillo. Some are man made lakes, while the rest are natural formations.

On the western coast, in the states of Sinatoa and Nayarit, Lake Comedero, Lake Mateos, Lake Huites, El Salto and Agua Milpa can be found. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, where deep green forests of oak and pine blanket the area in the lush, temperate climate, these lakes have been the background of many an angler's fishing story. At some point in the past years, most of these lakes have been stocked with fast growing black and largemouth bass. With continual warm temperatures, excellent food sources of tilapia and shad, these bass have multiplied at a tremendous rate, creating literal fish bowls of angling opportunities. Optimal fishing season on these lakes is generally September through June, although the rest of the year has excellent fishing records as well. The only drawback to the "out of season" months is the high temperatures and increased precipitation. More often than not, fishing in the early morning and late evening will provide the most comfortable fishing temperatures, leaving afternoons for sipping cold drinks in the shade and perhaps siestas after a satisfying lunch.

Closer to the United State of Texas on the eastern coast of Mexico are two excellent fishing opportunities at Lakes El Chuchillo and Guerrero. El Chuchillo is closest to the Texas border, and has the designation of being the first State Park in Mexico. With the waters being off-limits to commercial fishing, the largemouth bass here are abundant. Restocking through the on-site hatchery assures the high number of bass that will be found in the lake and hopefully on the end of a fisherman's line. Further down the Gulf of Mexico coastline, in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, Lake Guerrero provides its own claim to fame with trophy bass of over 8 pounds. Also part of the Sierra Madre Mountain terrain, the climate in this area offers great bass fishing in the mornings and evenings.

With catches averaging 8-10 pound bass, and 50 to 100 bass caught per day per boat, it is easy to understand why it is that in Mexico bass fishing creates an experience that many anglers long to have as their own.

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