Monday, October 31, 2011

Fishing Tackle Review: Abu Garcia Revo Bass Fishing Lure Rod

Although I do enjoy fishing for many species, stalking the elusive bass is my favourite angling pastime. There's something quite satisfying about landing one of these wily fish. Not to mention eating it as well!. Someday, I'll share some of my tasty recipes with you. For now, though, I'd like to offer a brief review of one of the best pieces of fishing tackle you can use to catch bass destined for your recipes, the Abu Garcia Revo bass fishing lure rod.

About the Abu Garcia Revo Bass Fishing Lure Rod

I've chosen the mid-sized 8' rod length, because I mainly fish from shore using both deep diving plugs and surface poppers. The rod also does well, however, on those occasions when I do fish from a boat. Whether it's bass, pollock or coalfish, the Revo is extremely versatile.

Features of the Abu Garcia Revo Bass Fishing Lure Rod

I've always considered the guides to be a critical component of a quality fishing rod. The Abu Garcia Revo uses guides from one of the top manufacturers in the business, Fuji. Fuji guides are simply the best guides currently available. Backed by years of research and development, Fuji guides are strong and reliable. Today, Fuji remains at the forefront of tackle development and leading edge design, so the Fuji guides on this Abu Garcia rod helped convince me to buy it. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed! Although I'm more into the substance of a rod than its style, I do have to say that the stunning, deep midnight blue colour of this Abu Garcia rod gives it a seriously elegant look. A distinctive fish graphic elevates this stylish rod even more. You'll be proud to use the Revo in any bass fishing venue. Don't be surprised if other anglers give you envious stares -- this Abu Garcia Revo rod looks very unique and striking.

Down to Details

OK, you say, this is a good looking rod. But what else do I need to know about the Abu Revo? Well, there's a keeper ring on the rod, a small but significant detail. A keeper ring, by the way, is a place to hook your hook safely when you're moving to another location. Those of us who've impaled our fingers on a loose hook greatly appreciate the addition of a keeper on our rods. This is a 2-piece rod that assembles quickly, so you can get down to fishing. It comes in a protective, semi-hard neoprene case, which will help prevent damaging the rod if it knocks around in a boat or in the boot of your car. Neoprene is a durable synthetic rubber that's resistant to water, oils, solvents, ageing and remains flexible across a wide range of temperatures. It's a great material for a rod bag. Another small but important feature I appreciate about this essential piece of fishing tackle is the unique, V-shaped hook sharpener located on the butt.

Hope you enjoyed this instalment of fishing tackle review, watch this space for more quality fishing tackle reviews.

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