Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are You Taking Bass Fishing Too Seriously?

With all the tension and stress in life the last thing you need is more stress when bass fishing.

If you're fishing tournaments, going after that big hawg or just bass fishing with friends and

have competition between the few of you that fish together, then maybe it's time for a break.

What kind of break you ask? A break from bass fishing stress! A laughter break! Yes, they

say laughter is the best medicine and if you're uptight every day you just might find out a truer

statement has never been spoken.

If you're bass fishing is no longer relaxing and no fun anymore then back away for a little while

and get a cup of coffee and start reading. What are you going to read, why fishing stories, bass

fishing jokes and how about a free bass fishing e-book that is hilarious?

Here is just an outtake of the e-book I'm talking about:

Have you ever tried to catch those little minnows that dart all over the place? It's

not easy is it? I mean even with a casting net in a whole herd of them you still

don't get very many for the effort. Well, you're in luck I have made a plan that

makes it a lot easier.

Here is what you do....First, take your wife along for moral support. That is a

main step in this technique. Second, go to your local bait store and get a 10 foot

casting net.

Ok, now for the technique itself. Go out in your boat and find some minnows on

top swimming. You will know there are millions of them below the surface. Then

take your boat and start to go around in circles, this will gather them into a

smaller size gathering. Keep going around in circles for maybe a half hour letting

the group get into a smaller circle each revolution.

Now, once they are in a circle, give your wife the cast net. You take a quarter

stick of dynamite and light it but be sure to have your wife with the catch net and

ready beforehand. The next step in crucial in timing. The second the dynamite

is lit and thrown in the water have your wife spread out the cast net and jump in

the water with it and gather all the minnows she can immediately. This is very

important because if the minnows are shocked too much and go all the way to

the bottom, then you wife might not be able to hold her breath that long to go all

the way to the bottom where the minnows are located.

Believe me, I am talking from experience just last week we had to call the

emergency squad for her because she came floating back to the top and can you

believe it, she didn't have one damn minnow in that cast net when she finally

surfaced. I guess the EMT's couldn't believe it either because I heard them say

"you're not going back and do that again, I guess?" I have to agree with them, I

mean they couldn't believe it either she came back up without one minnow in that


You do have to show some sympathy for her though so this is what I do. She

comes up usually crying and holding her ears. So, I put my hands over my ears

too and throw water on my face so when she surfaces she thinks I am in pain

and crying too. Then she will start yelling and I will just point to my ears and say

"I can't hear you sweetheart". Make sure you have some kind of painful look on

your face as I assure you she will when she comes up. I got her some ear...........

If you want to read more of the story, you can get the e-book free. Just look in my

resource box below.

Charles E. White, aka Uncle Ike, is a long time bass fisherman that has fished for bass from coast to coast. In the decades that he has fished he has realized one thing...sometimes we all get to serious about bass fishing. When that happens it causes us stress and more tension in our lives.

That is where Uncle Ike and his website comes into play. It will bring a smile to your face and laughter to you heart...guaranteed!

Uncle Ike has a free newsletter full of bass fishing stories, bass fishing jokes and just bass fishing humor in general. Plus when you join his weekly newsletter you get his hilarious e-book for free. It's about his techniques for catching bait and is called "The Master Baiter's Guide To Doing It Solo".

You can get it free by going to his Bass Fishing Humor website.

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