Monday, October 31, 2011

Bass Fishing 2009

The New Year is young and with the snow flying here in Ontario who is thinking far ahead into the new 09 Bass season? I, for one, am that crazy! I can't help it. As a matter of fact, I know I have exactly 186 sleeps before the opening day here in Ontario. Some of you may think that's a long time, but it's just around the corner. Before you know it, we will be in our boats and on shore fishing for Bass cherishing the great moments, and that is what keeps us going until the next year!

In Ontario an outdoorsman is truly blessed with the 'hunt on' in the fall and winter, the 'fish on' in the winter and spring and then 'Bass on' in the summer and autumn! As you can see, there is never a dull moment for Ontario outdoor enthusiasts like me. I am always ready for each season and what it brings. I have my entire Bass gear ready to go including the new baits and tackle for the 09 season. There are also many more to come and through these next few months I will be gathering them for experimentation out in the field this season. And, as usual, the staff here at Pro Bass will be bringing you our findings. That's what we do best!

Now for the time being let's ask ourselves....Did I have success this past season? And if so, can I do better? Am I using my combos and baits to their full potential? Maybe you are like me and you want to expand your methods and experiment with different combos and baits. Maybe it's time to specialize. By this I mean specialize in certain techniques or rigs that you feel you have the knack for. Something that comes naturally to you like say, pitching or casting or even a certain rig like a jig and trailer or Carolina rigging. Something you are comfortable using and have confidence in including a certain combo is all a part of our accumulated go-to rigs combos and baits. The method, rig, and combo are now specialized for you alone. It is custom made by you for you to bring success! Eventually you will have quite a few in your arsenal which will make you a better Bass angler. When the fishing method and scenario sync they get etched into our minds which then creates good Bass sense for the future. It is basically called experience. The more time we spend on the water the better we become.

For now let's use this off time to ponder on our efforts this past season and think of what we can change for the new season. You can never be too good of an angler, so sit and think of what you can do better! It is part of evolving into a good smart Bass angler that thinks ahead and eventually becomes a seasoned Bass angler. We never stop learning; even seasoned anglers know this and know it well! Be prepared for any Bass fishing circumstance and deal with it. Use your now known and proven tactics from past that you remember and now specialize in and you will be successful!

Well there are now 185.5 sleeps left before Ontario's 09 Bass season. There is a lot of planning to do and Bass tackle to organize. I know it's early, but I'm ready! I'm always ready!

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