Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Pursuit For Lunker Largemouth Bass

My pursuit for lunker largemouth bass led me to small lakes and ponds. Here's a tip, make sure your lure is tied on before you get to the pond, so you don't make a lot of noise fussing around. I usually rig a plastic worm, dark color if the water's dark, light color if the water's clear. I then rig it Texas style or weed less. Then I try to be very quite walking up to the pond, because most of the time the bass are sitting right next to the shore line.

Try this next time. What I do right before I get to the spot I'm going to fish. I stop (maybe 5 to 10 feet from the water's edge) and cast a rubber worm in to the water just in case there's fish swimming right next to shoreline where I'm going to be standing. I have landed quite a few lunker bass doing just that. The fish do not see me, and they do not hear me.

I learned that technique from fishing quarry ponds that are crystal clear. One of the first times I was fishing a quarry ponds, I was standing there on the shore line and I could see 5 or 6 trophy bass in the (7 to 9 pound range) swimming around out there. I went to make my first cast and as my arm was moving forward before I even cast, those lunker bass scattered, they could see my arm moving. And that's when I started to sneak up on the small ponds.

Here's another technique I use sometimes when I'm fishing a pond. I take my plastic worm and cast it, but not into the water but up on the edge of the bank. Then slide my worm back into the water, no splash and I didn't scare the fish, and the plastic worm looks like a real live snake slithering into the water. Hope these few easy to follow tips help you catch more lunker largemouth bass from small lakes and ponds.

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