Saturday, November 27, 2010

Largemouth Bass Fishing - Lake Fishing For You and Your Loved Ones

Fish caught on a lake fall into three general headings: Game fish, Food fish, and Forage or Bait fish. Largemouth Bass, fall under the general heading of Game fish. Anglers, both amateurs and pros, enjoy tournaments every year and compete for large sums of money all over the United States. Whether you are an old hand at fishing on a lake or a beginner it can prove to be extremely fun. For the novice, it will be important to master the correct rigging, casting, type of bait or lure etc., in order to get the best enjoyment possible from their experience.

Therefore, we will be discussing some tips that could help the new angler, master the art of lake fishing and catch that extreme long sought after Largemouth Bass like the pros. First, knowing where the fish live, and making sure Largemouth Bass inhabit the lake you are fishing on will give you the edge to find your prey. Ask at the bait shop for Lake Maps and any information that will assist you in your quest. The local fisherman are keenly aware of the "special" places they catch their best bass and may be willing to share that information with you. At times, it may be prudent to hire a guide to assist you if you are new to the area and unfamiliar with the lake. Second, If you are fly-fishing remember that you are working the line not the fly. Fly-fishing is an art and takes many years of practice. Keep in mind that the fly is but a passenger, which is attached to the leader. Be gentle and have finess, don't snap the line like a whip or you'll loose your fly.

Instead use a smooth, snappy kind of stroke with the same type of movement as you would a whip but not as hard. The art of Fly-fishing requires one to have the "proper timing" and timing is one of the most important factors in the backcast and forward cast. Third, The most popular lake fishing is done mostly with larger, sturdy rods. Largemouth Bass can and do get quite large, easily weighing over 12 pounds. If there is a large abundance of food combined with a safe habitat, largemouth bass can get so large that your wildest dream of catching the extreme largemouth bass will come true just as if you were a pro. Landing a large fish such as this will provide you with a lifetime of memories. Keep in mind that catch and release is commonly practiced today and ensures that the population of fish is intact for the next generation. Be prepared to take lots of photos to capture the moment and have those memories forever.

When going out to catch largemouth bass, the ideal length and weight of the rod is about 8 ½ feet in length and from 4 to four and three quarters of an ounce in weight. Casting with a rod and reel is just as much an art as Fly-fishing and can take lots of time and practice in order to become confident in placing your cast right where you want it. Take your time and learn to cast with your rod and reel using a practice plug. Before long you will be able to land any cast exactly where you want it.

One day you may just cast your lure right into the mouth of the extreme largemouth bass of your dreams and land it just like the pros. Lake fishing really is not difficult to master and with a little patience you will be coming home with your share of Largemouth Bass and a camera full of photos of your day out by yourself, with friends, or with your family and loved ones. With a little patience and practice, the novice can become a successful angler in the lake. I wish you a lifetime of happy fishing and memories.

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